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As a business owner, do you want a perfectly functioning IT environment that meets all security requirements?
We are the experts in system management, network management, cyber security, software and cloud solutions. Infodatek Group offers professional and proactive management, so you can focus on your daily business. Do you employ your own IT staff? We are happy to share our knowledge and support to your IT department.

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Infodatek Group has been specialized in IT Managed Services and software development since 2007. We deliver customized services by listening to the needs and demandings of our clients and provide customized solutions. Since its inception, Infodatek Group has grown significantly and focuses on various disciplines in the market. Due to this growth, we have split our organization into two divisions: software and systems. These different areas of expertise create a nice synergy from which our customers benefit optimally.


Services and expertises Our solutions

Digital Care IT Solution

A total care of your IT affairs... In the form of a subscription, we provide a full or partial IT service, tailored entirely to your needs. Included are cloud management, workplace management, helpdesk, maintenance, monitoring and cyber security. An SLA (Service Level Agreement) combined with management of ISO 27001 compliance is also an option.

Let us take care of the technical issues, so you can focus on what really matters: your daily business.

Important: we also apply Digital Care for on-premise or hybrid environments!

Proactive System Administration

Continuity of your IT environment is important. Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on IT and that means you can't live without it. It is almost impossible to be without an IT environment for even an hour. We are used to continuous "up-time."

Without proper management, your IT environment quickly turns into a chaotic maze where you lose track. You miss the overview and errors or malfunctions in the system go unnoticed. You really don't want that.

With the service Proactive System Administration, the specialists at Infodatek Group act as your guide in the world of computers and IT. With our approach we ensure that your network and system is always perfectly in shape!

Expert IT

Exactly what the name explains: Expert IT means that Infodatek Group provides an Expert to solve your IT issues. Our experts (or specialists) have specific experience that your IT team may have lack of. We support your team with in-depth knowledge and help with projects such as cloud migration, challenges in network infrastructure, monitoring and Microsoft 365, especially also SharePoint.

With Expert IT, we also provide extra manpower for projects where your team is short on capacity.

Cloud platform

Once upon a time, you were only in the clouds if you were very happy... Today, more and more people are in the cloud day by day. We are talking about "the cloud" that has permanently nestled itself over the IT landscape in recent times. Cloud computing has become a household word. More and more companies are using a cloud platform because there are many advantages to such a system. But beware: it is not suitable for every organization or application.

Infodatek Group works with you to determine which solution is the best fit. We provide various flavors, from hybrid as an interim solution for the next few years, to full cloud working based on Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime has long since ceased to be science fiction. It is the order of the day and it plays out in every industry. That makes cybersecurity essential. Securing your computer is the only remedy against the growing number of online criminals who are constantly looking for sensitive data with which to extort you or make money by reselling your information to other criminals.

A data breach can seriously damage your company's image. If your computer network is not properly secured, victims may be able to recover damages from your company.

Infodatek Group helps you with the right strategy. Not sure where you stand yet? Feel free to ask us for a security checkup.

Software consulting & development

Can you imagine a world without software? You don't really think about it, but we are constantly using different software applications, on our phones, behind our laptops and in our cars. How do you keep yourself going these days if you don't have this useful software at your disposal?

Companies and organizations have become largely dependent on software. However, the implementation and maintenance of all these software products also brings with it a lot of extra work and that comes at the expense of your core business.

Infodatek Group is happy to help you make the right choices in terms of software selections and development.


As we go, customers go faster. Improvements we see and here we take action. Everything to ensure that our customers move forward easier and faster.


We are alert and act fast. Thanks to our attention to customers, we are ready for any situation and accelerate at the right moments.

Exceptional Party

We deviate because we make exceptions and that is special. We solve custom questions. We perform customization by listening to wishes and demandings of our clients.


We use knowledge and experience to determine the right IT strategy. We transfer our expertise to take the next step together.

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