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On demand our managed services can be supplemented with an additional service for the finishing touch. By using these additional services, a greater certainty is offered for a secure and reliable IT environment. Live Monitoring provides preventive signalling for optimal continuity, the Infodatek Portal provides complete transparency about your environment, and the Digital Care SLA offers you extra security for the continued operation of your environment, even 24/7.

Live Monitoring

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Infodatek Portal

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Digital Care SLA

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The supplementary services can be applied to the managed services Proactive System Administration, IT Expert, Advanced Network Management and Anybase Cloud Solution.

Live Monitoring

Dynamic business-critical environments require real-time monitoring. With Live Monitoring your environment is monitored around the clock. Sudden or potential problems are automatically detected and reported by e-mail or SMS to our service desk. If desired you can also regularly be informed about the monitoring process, to stay up-to-date with the latest information concerning the condition of your IT environment. Besides signalling Infodatek has a monitoring screen in every office so everyone is keeping a close eye on your environment.


Monitoring enables detecting a breakdown or underperforming hardware in advance. The hardware can be replaced preventively with little or no impact for your staff or customers. Disk expansion is one of the most commonly detections.

The effect

Monitoring is a complementary service from Infodatek, but it is also a useful addition to our other IT managed services and monitors various systems within a fraction of time. Depending on the type of systems, various sensors can be read out, such as for example temperature. From different operating systems, the monitoring system is able to read various conditions, such as memory and disk usage.

The monitoring system is installed in addition to your core infrastructure, either on premise or in a datacentre. The monitoring results are continuously sent to our monitoring centre through a secure and encrypted data connection.

Infodatek Portal

As a service provider, we believe in transparency and open communication with our customers. For the most efficient communication, we present the Infodatek Portal. This portal enables everyone involved in the IT infrastructure to manage and observe all daily IT matters.

  • Tickets (requests and incidents)
  • Project planning
  • Hardware inventory
  • License inventory
  • Prepaid amount of service credits
  • Orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • Customer-specific configurations and files
  • Manuals

Cost drivers

For larger companies, it is useful to work with cost drivers. Tickets and completed projects are recorded on a cost driver for transparent management reports and possible transfer charges.


Your entire IT environment is inserted into the Infodatek Portal, including all your licenses and hardware. Warranties and other recurring issues such extensions are all transparent for good controllability of your system. In addition, also key configurations can be stored.


Offers are sent by e-mail. For added flexibility, it is possible to approve offers through the Infodatek Portal. Order confirmations and delivery times are completely transparent, as well as delivery notes after a delivery is fulfilled. Invoices are clear and a printable copy can be requested.

In some cases, customers use a so-called strip card. A strip card is a prepaid amount of service hours. The hourly rate can thus be reduced to 10%. Through the portal, the worked hours can be followed closely.

Digital Care SLA

Companies in need of high security levels can make use of a Digital Care SLA. The word Digital Care says it all: take care of your digital environment. Infodatek facilitates a high quality management system that is completely customized for your organization. With a Service Level Agreement, we can provide a guarantee for the security of your environment. Defined within the SLA are among other things, responsibilities, standby times, rate agreements and proactive management.

Digital Care SLA is only facilitated with our other managed services Proactive System Administration, Expert IT, Advanced Network Management and Anybase Cloud Cloud.

During a consultation we can further determine which conditions apply and how an SLA can be implemented in your business. Every environment is different, every company has different needs and requirements.

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