What is cybercrime?


Cybersecurity is one of the buzzwords of today. Cybercrime remains high on the agenda of the European Union and governments, but also businesses are more and more concerned with it. Excessive attention to a hype that will simply blow over? We don’t think so.

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During the 'deepscan', your entire IT environment will be checked for security vulnerabilities and other security issues. Tests are performed from the outside, but also from the inside. Login credentials don't need to be announced before. Of course all information is treated confidentially. A few days after the scan, a Security Report will be delivered, which can be used to tighten your security.


The digital transformation connects governments, citizens and businesses worldwide. This ‘hyper-connected world’ has no physical boundaries, distances are not constrained. Ultimately, the big, wide world becomes a ‘global village’. This development offers unique opportunities but also challenges that we can no longer ignore. The global village is not only populated by friendly neighbours. We should identify and arm ourselves against the new potential vulnerabilities caused by this connected world.

As a result of the digitization trend in society we observe a movement from traditional to digital crime, or cybercrime.

The development of the Internet and the new way of doing business also leads to a better development of criminal organizations. Any individual or organization, large or small, could face cybercrime at any time in the form of vandalism, espionage, theft, fraud and sabotage. All terms that we already know from the past.

Prevention is better than curing

Cybercrime prevention is always better than troubleshooting afterwards. Of course, a preventive system hardly shows which types of cybercrime have been restrained or prevented. A secured system could be compared with an insurance. Hopefully, you will never need it, but if you do it is inevitable and you depend upon it.

Do not leave your IT systems to chance and make sure that your organization is well protected against cybercrime. The consequences of a break-in often have a major impact on an organization. Furthermore, from now on businesses are obliged to report any offenses. And the laws and rules will continue to be strengthened in the near future, consequently security is really a matter of course.



In the early days of the Internet mainly large organizations and the public sector were target of cyberattacks and hacks, but this is increasingly changing. Currently anyone can be a target, because even an individual or small organization holds interesting data. With this data criminals attempt to access for example payment systems. New offences of cybercrime can be discovered daily at any news website.

Cybercrime recognition

Cybercrime encompasses all forms of crime on the Internet. This ranges from the distribution of computer viruses to the abuse of personal data. Cybercrime is not always visible; some malware is installed on a computer without being visible. This allows data leaks towards the internet. By applying security to the bottom network layer, such offences can be prevented.

Infodatek gladly assists you in recognizing cybercrime and, if necessary, with a phased problem solving solution. The impact and consequences of a cyberattack are different in every situation. Our specialists supervise the entire process from recognition to solution and future prevention.

Cyber Security Strategy

Within the managed service Cyber Security Infodatek implements intelligent ideas and technology to provide innovative solutions contributing to a more secure IT environment. Our expertise is particularly directed to improving the security of existing network environments. Digital security and reliability have become important phenomena, and are no longer as obvious as before, causing the need for system changes.

Do not leave your IT systems to chance and make sure your organization is well secured. With a smart and thoughtful strategy prevention is relatively simple.

Infodatek is pleased to contribute actively and to help you consider how our managed service Cyber Security could serve your business. There is no need for excessive protection. A system must remain workable and users should not experience any discomfort. Therefore, we believe it is important to find a balance between flexibility and security.

Our expertises

Security audits / health scan
Data leakage prevention
Governance, risk, compliance
Infrastructure security
Secure mobility
Penetration testing
Software analysis

Our approach

We have a solution for your goals. Together with you, we develop a detailed roadmap to realise the goals that have been set.
During implementation, we deploy the right specialists to make your project a success.
Prior to the transition to a new system the people involved will be trained.
Service and support
Even after completion of the project Infodatek remains involved with your IT environment, in the form of monitoring, standby and maintenance.

Are you unsure about the security of your network or have you recently experienced a hack? We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how to join forces.

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