Completely worry-free service

Anybase is a private cloud platform for SMEs and medium sized businesses. Transform your traditional fixed workstation in a workplace that is available anytime and anywhere. IT administrators no longer need to worry about maintenance, updates and backup. All this is arranged for you. Anybase is a professional environment which enables a complete IT unburdening within your organization.

What private cloud stands for

A private cloud is an infrastructure that is custom built to meet your specific business objectives and is hosted at your office or in a datacentre of a service provider. The private cloud offers the same flexibility, scalability and efficiency as the public cloud, however it offers more control and security. Hence, a private cloud is an ideal option for organizations with stringent requirements regarding data protection and security.

A major advantage of a private cloud is the ability to adjust the computing, storage and network components to your specific IT requirements. Something more difficult to achieve in a public cloud environment.

Tailor-made solution

The Anybase platform is developed by Infodatek in order to provide a safe, reliable and professional cloud infrastructure. This platform is characterized by its ease of implementation anywhere you like, completely independent of location. Infodatek offers several options, depending on the specific needs and requirements. The crystallized platform distinguishes itself through high-quality visual techniques. And the implementation of Anybase is fast, thereby project costs can be minimized.

We offer

Convenience for end-users
Hassle-free management and maintenance
Platform independency
High availability
'Bring your own device' ready
Monthly fixed rate
Location independence
Low bandwidth

Location and scalability

The Anybase platform is location-independent and can be installed anywhere, in your company as well as at a co-location. Infodatek also facilitates the ability to host your Anybase platform in a datacentre, from which hardware can be deployed efficiently for multiple companies. This subscription format is environmentally friendly and results in lower monthly rates.

With Anybase Infodatek ensures flexibility and scalability, enabling organizations to respond rapidly to new needs and increased demand requiring expansion. This is possible with a single press of the button, without long waiting times. All of your business software applications can be fully integrated with the platform, creating a perfect synergy between all applications. This synergy provides a strong flexibility and creates a pleasant work environment.

All Anybase systems are permanently monitored. Your organization directly benefits from the high security level and the high-quality environment diminishing the risk of incidents. Maintenance and improvements are made without anyone being affected. Any major modifications will obviously be notified in advance, so your employees will not face any unpleasant surprises.

The Anybase Cloud Platform can be supplemented with:

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