The fundament

Modern companies are increasingly dependent on well-managed network infrastructures with high availability. The computer network forms the foundation for your entire IT infrastructure. To establish a solid network, it is essential to fundamentally start with a strategic good architecture. Strategy is important in the basic structure as more and more IT roles play within the organization. The network is increasingly charged with many processes, but should always remain working. Availability and continuity must be guaranteed at all times.

In larger environments, it is important that one party has complete control over this foundation. This base ensures performance continuity, speed and reactivity control of your systems and secure access and storage of data. Furthermore, a well-functioning IT infrastructure requires daily management.

Infodatek offers the managed service Advanced Network Management to assist exactly these companies in need for it. Enterprises looking for a partner that can ensure the continuity guaranteed to all departments and businesses having access to that infrastructure.

Infodatek uses specially developed tools to react quickly and adequately where necessary. Our 24-hour call centre processes incidents and service requests.

Target group

Organizations with large departments or with multiple contractors on-site all use the same IT services, such as authentication systems or software for issuing permits. Subcontractors often use certain software provided by the parent company. This implies that all these companies have to connect to a single network. In order to avoid proliferation and problems, sound and efficient management is a must. Enterprises who find themselves in a similar situation can use our service. This enables your IT staff to focus on other strategic IT objectives related to the core business.

Our expertises

Routing & Switching
Load balancing equipment
Wireless LAN
VPN concentrators
Performance optimization appliances
DNS & DHCP management
IP address management appliance


Infodatek offers the right combination of people, processes, systems, technology and security services both on premise, in the cloud, and in the network to maximize the value of your IT infrastructure and operations. Infodatek has extensive expertise within the different IT environments of its customers, thus available information can easily be shared when useful. The wheel does not have to be reinvented over and over again. Immediate benefits for your organization by using our managed service are:

  • Continuous support 24/7
  • Cost savings
  • Availability of technical specialists
  • Improvement of process management
  • Countless opportunities for network management
  • Monitoring and security

Advanced Network Management can be supplemented with:

Do you want a care-free IT infrastructure and do you want to outsource network management? We would like visit and inform you about all the possibilities in person.

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