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The Infodatek Group

Since 2007 Infodatek is active in the market of software development and IT managed services. Infodatek serves clients of various sizes, from sole proprietorship to multinationals, who are active in various sectors and industries. Since its establishment Infodatek has grown strongly and focuses on the different disciplines the market demands. Thanks to the growth Infodatek consciously decided to split up the company from mid-2015 into two operating companies. Due to the different areas of expertise within the two companies a positive synergy is clearly visible.

Infodatek Software B.V.

Core business of Infodatek Software B.V. is the development and exploitation of their three software products: BorrowMe, Cartfinity and RentMagic. These products are completely in-house developed, which enables us to provide our customers with a very high service standard. By choosing our products, you can always count on the perfect solution. Our team is responsive, fast and highly concerned with your IT environment. We are happy to think along with you to find the solution that fits your needs!

Specific information about our products can be found on the following websites:



What is RentMagic?

Our software branch is currently developing rapidly, therefore we are constantly looking for professionals to join our team. Perhaps an exciting job for you? Keep a close eye on our jobs page.

Infodatek Systems B.V.

Since the beginning Infodatek Systems B.V. is distinctive in high-quality system and network management. Nowadays, our portfolio is expanded with Advanced Network Management, Cyber Security, Unified Communications, and the powerful cloud platform Anybase.

We focus exclusively on the business market and we are active in all sectors. Both government agencies and private organizations with 500+ workstations are part of our portfolio. We are very proud of our customers and continue to build a durable, lasting relationship with all our clients.

From 2013 we put more and more emphasis on the added value of us, as a business. Not just a good product and service count, but also the useful extra services, in order to continue to serve our customers in the future. For instance, the Digital Care concept, a comprehensive portal to provide our customers with convenient tools for easy IT management next to our Service Level Agreements (SLAs).